Escena Grill

After a successful re-opening in November 2009, a new opportunity emerged at Escena Golf Club in Palm Springs. The restaurant had begun to develop a significant non-golf clientele. Sunrise determined that the penetration of the non-golfer market for dining could be much deeper, so we initiated a branding and marketing campaign that would give the restaurant a complementary yet distinct identity. Re-branded as the Escena Lounge & Grill, the restaurant grew revenues by over 50% in its second year and garnered numerous accolades as one of the top restaurants in Palm Springs.

To capitalize on the success and generate ongoing momentum, Sunrise Golf implemented several facility and systems improvements. These include restaurant-specific POS systems, equipment upgrades, new exterior furniture and the creation of an private outdoor event venue to accommodate event demand.

Most importantly, Escena Lounge & Grill became a net positive NOI contributor to the overall operation and has served as the primary catalyst for accelerated housing development in the Escena community.


Escena Lounge & Grill


Palm Springs, CA



Construction Management, F&B, Marketing

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