Desert Horizons Owners Association

Originally built in the late 1970s in a prime location in the greater Palm Springs area, Desert Horizons enjoyed several decades of success as a private club and residential community. Sunrise Golf initially was hired by the club board in 2016 to manage a $2 million golf course renovation, which was an unqualified success. However, with the remainder of the club and community assets continuing to obsolesce and competing communities committing to significant investments, the Desert Horizons community leadership sought to develop a long-term, $35 million community improvement plan. Sunrise Golf re-engaged to serve as the Project Coordinator for the development of the plan, interfacing with multiple consultants and a board-appointed committee, and leading the communication strategy with the community stakeholders. The plan was approved by a majority vote of the community in April 2021, and implementation followed shortly thereafter.


Desert Horizons Owners Association


Indian Wells, CA



Consulting, Project Management

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